The Strangers

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The strangers

She looks over at the stranger. She is not supposed to make eye contact or have any conversations with strangers, but everyone has made it down to where the strangers have settled down. They came in just five nights ago, and everyone had immediately felt the fear creep in. They had all heard the stories when the big men from the North came in their ships in the night. Back then she had just been a young girl, but now three years later she was a woman. She remembered how her father had heard the noise, and he had immediately told her mother to start gathering their immediate belongings, for a short trip. Her father was a rabbi, but she remembered vividly the fear in his eyes. He had been calm, taken charge, made some short commands and her mother had reacted with silent obedience. She also had noticed the fear in her father’s eyes and knew that this was serious. There had been peace for so long, and Esther could not remember any violence. She had grown in to the woman she was without fear and without experiencing any of the many raids she had heard so many people tell stories about. She also had helped, and they scurried out of town with their most precious belonging in the small wagon.
The men from the North, these giant savages with their fair skin, and long hair would be remembered for a long time, as they came in the night, quiet like the devil and with fury like the storms that sometimes came in the fall. They had taken everything that was of value in the town, and after the savages had raped and pillaged the town they stayed to gather provisions to continue their trip. Her friend Judith had told Esther of how she had been hiding in a secret room in their house, but had peaked out just to see one of the men as he was raping her mother right there on the main room table. She had said that her father had been hit in the head with the handle of the large axe that the man had been carrying and fallen over almost dead. She had been terrified to see what happened next, and could only remember her mother’s eyes as the drunken smelly man forced himself on her. Judith had said that that she was terrified and scared to death, but that she couldn’t take her eyes away. She was in the room with her younger brother, and she could only hold him quiet behind her as she peaked out in to the dark room. For almost 6 months after they left their little village, the girl had not been able to speak to anyone, and her mother was not saying much either. When the father had woken up, he saw the huge man swaying by the table forcing himself on his wife, in what almost seemed like a crazed rage, he had jumped on the man, but the beast just shrugged him off him like a fly on his back. Judith’s father was a merchant and the man didn’t make notice of him. Judith could see that the man was finished with her mother that was lying crying on her back having fallen of the table that the she had just been raped on. She had blood running from her mouth, as the man apparently had bitten her lip as he sprayed his sperm inside of her. Her father jumped on him again, almost like a little boy that is rough-playing, and this seemed to irritate the giant. He was already red from the sun that he had been under for weeks and months sailing through the summer Mediterranean ocean, but the irritation of the little man jumping on him gave him an angry look that seamed dangerous. Judith had later described him as wearing some kind of cloth and leather sandals with leather straps holding them together around his feet and legs. He had no shirt, but wore a belt that was wrapped around his bare hairy chest. He had been sweating, this was one of the things the little girl had noticed, and he had some kind of skirt around his hips. The huge axe, with a big curved shiny blade he had in his hand had been placed on the table next to where he had just raped her mother was now in his hand. Judith could barely see what was happening as it was dark, she was terrified, and so scared, and as she saw the stranger grab her father by the throat, she looked away.
Esther had heard the story a couple of years later. Even as her father had instructed the village to never talk about the savages from the North again, they were still telling the stories. The big man had taken the merchant outside and, he almost had carried him outside with his right hand around his neck, and the axe in his left thrown him on the ground. There were other men outside, all from the ships that had sailed in hours earlier, and they were laughing. The savages had stolen what was of wine and food from the first few houses they came upon, and was continuously drinking and shouting. One of the men that had survived had later told the other survivors that they had only killed the ones that was giving them resistance and had left everyone else alone. They had raped what woman they came across in their pursuit of precious metals, but had left the men alone, but not Judith’s father. His wife and his children was his entire life, and he could not watch as his fragile wife was being beat up and ravaged by the crazed man. He was now in the courtyard outside of his house and business, and they were laughing at him. The other villagers had witnessed what had happened, but could and dared not interfere. The man with the axe, he was called Thorbrand, was holding his huge axe in his right hand and the merchant was lying face down in the dirt.
“The Northerner pressed the axe towards the back of the man lying in the dirt” the villager had told the other men later that summer. “He moved it up and put his booth on the back of the axe and pressed it through. The axe must have been sharp, because it slid right through the clothing and skin and with one swift cut, almost like the butcher cutting up a lamb, the man had cut his back wide open. He must have been skilled, and must have done this before, because he did not touch any vital nerves and the man on the ground did not faint or die. He lay there, with just one extremely long piercing scream going through the dark night. The drunken men must have thought this was fun, because they laughed and yelled even stronger when they heard the man scream. He had bent over and stuck his hand inside the opening in the man’s back, and pulled out what must have been his lungs. The screaming got even louder, and they moved away, so that they all could see what was happening. As the poor merchant was gasping for air, his lungs, they were now on the outside of his body, started to flap like wings. As the poor man surely was going to die, and he must have realized it now if he hadn’t known that for a long time already, he started to get up. This took of course an enormous amount of effort, and he gasped for even more air. The men laughed and kicked him in the ass as he got up, and continued to fall forward, feet searching for ground, and legs moving uneasy. I have never seen such resilience from any man. He moved from side to side, but forward almost to try to escape the crowd standing laughing behind him. He was breathing heavy now, and as the air filled the lungs on his back, hit looked like he was a butterfly with enormous pink bloody wings flapping, but not gaining any momentum. It looked like an old Greek mythical creature, because he was flapping almost to try to fly, but with too big of a body for the wings. Finally it was over. The men weren’t laughing either, because the merchant had been braver than they had anticipated, and it looked like they thought he deserved more than he was receiving. He finally fell over, the lungs where almost quiet now; he was losing air, and was close to the finish line. The man with the axe went over to him and saluted the little man in front of him there on the ground. He was not laughing now; it looked like he was crying, but looked up to the sky and asked for something. Then he raised the axe and finished him off, almost like a salute for the little man’s bravery. The show was over, and it was not fun any longer.
They left us all alone from then on. They went back in to the temple and took what was there of valuables, and managed to get more food from the others, but slowly withdrew to their long boats down on the water.” The villager was losing his composure remembering what had happened to his friend the merchant when the savages from the North had arrived back then. He had been able to tell the story, just like he remembered it, and the other villagers was quiet standing there in total silence. Horrified and scared at the same time. They had left as quickly as they had arrived, but what if they came back? What would they do?

Esther looked at him. She had talked with him briefly the other day, and his voice was different. The strangers had come more frequently after the first raid back a few years ago, and his language was as strange and different as the appearance they had. It sounded like they were singing when they communicated with each other, and even when they tried to communicate in her language, it sounded like a song. It started out as a staccato series of words, and then they ended with a high pinch at the end of the sentence. She found it exciting and when she walked down to the water where he was, she had twice listened in on him talk. They had come in the middle of the day this time. They had heard many of the other villagers get excited and screamed with fear in their voices when they saw the long boat with the red and white striped sail come in towards the village, but no one had flown or left the town. The villagers knew that when they came during the day, they came in peace. Esther also knew that she would not be in any danger with the funny sounding strangers. They had brought many exciting goods, silver and gold from other parts of the world, a world that she knew little about. She had seen other strangers coming and going, but these people always seemed different, and they always came with other things in their ships to trade. She looked at him as he was doing his business. Two of the villagers were talking with him, and they were haggling about the trade. She thought it looked like they wanted one of the furs that he had in a pile next to the wooden table he had set up under a cloth cover, and she saw that they shook hands as to finalize the trade, and the food and wine they had to trade was handed over. She walked slowly towards the table and saw the man bend over to put away the clay bottle they he had just received. She starred at him. He had a tattoo on his bare arm, with mysterious looking signs going down from the shoulder to his elbow. His hair was golden like the sun. It was cut in the back, with longer hair in the front, hanging to the sides of his face. There was a leather fur strap going across his chest, a chest that was covered with golden hair, as bright as the hair on his head and arms, and his chest was wide as the temple door they walked through on the Sabbath every week. He was not at all dirty as she had heard from the stories of these men had said. He looked clean. She noticed that there was gentleness in his movements as he was rumbling around with the things he had next to his table. He looked up and at her as she stopped, shy and a little unsure at what to say, or what to do. She saw his eyes, ice blue like the ocean that he had come in on, and alert and aware of his surroundings. She heard him say something, a row of sounds that didn’t mean anything to her, until she saw his smile. Standing so close to him, she saw that he couldn’t be much older than she was. He had a reddish face from the sun, and when he smiled, there was wrinkles collecting at the root of his eyes, and this immediately made him look older. It would be very difficult to determine how old he was, but she guesses that he was maybe one or two years older than her. He made more sounds, and then, realizing that she could not understand what he was saying, almost catching himself, he laughed and stopped talking.
“You- pretty” he said, pointing at her. She was all of the sudden terrified. Not from the man in front of her, but from what her father would say if he knew what he had just said. She was not to make any contact with any stranger, and certainly not with this man, or beast as her father would have described him.
“You have beautiful eyes” he continued to say in her language, and her fear went away. The nervousness went to immediate excitement, and she felt her heart beat faster and her knees shaking from being so close to this man. He took a step closer to her, moved his hand towards the basket she had under her arm, and she felt his hand holding her underarm. He opened her arm and looked inside the cloth covering the basket. She could not move. The moment was too intense, and she just stood there, unable to move and said nothing. He took the basket and looked inside. She had two pieces of warm bread that she had just baked that morning. He took them out and moved his head up and down, as to approve of what she had brought. He opened his hand as to ask her what she wanted, and she hurried past him and took a piece of the beautiful fur that he had in the pile next to the table. He laughed, said something, but shook his head again as to say-Ok, take whatever you want pretty girl, and she grabbed what he had given her and rolled it up under her arm. He took her arm and she froze. He moved a little closer, and she felt his breath of towards her neck. He looked at her, his eyes were like a combination of ice blue and grey, and as he was looking at her, she could almost feel them piercing in to her pitch dark eyes. But it was a smiling face that looked at her. He pulled her a little closer, still holding her arm, and she looked quickly around, as to make sure that no one was watching them. He said something, quietly and moved his face towards her neck and she blushed. As soon as he had moved close to her, he moved his nose up the root of her neck, and she felt a drop of sweat from his forehead as it touched her nose. She felt a quick movement and a soft wet pair of lips that touched her jaw. She felt a warm tingling in her body, and she knew what it was. She had felt it many times before as she had dreamed of being made love to by a man. She had touched herself many times, and it was the same feeling of blood rushing through her body she now felt from the man being so close , the man that without any hesitation and without any fear of what he was doing had looked at her and told her she had beautiful eyes. She was weak now; she could sense that she was doing something that was forbidden and not legal. She had heard of how the devil will appear in a form of a man approaching her, and all the indications was that this was one of these moments, or this kind of man. She did not care if this was the devil, they must all be wrong, because she could only feel a great tingling feeling and a great rush of blood going through her veins from just being next to this man. Then-as sudden as he had moved towards her, and as he touched her, he let go, took a step back and looked at her. He said something, looked away, still smiling, but knowing that he had crossed a line. She knew right there, at that moment that he, this stranger from another world, the man that looked so differently than anyone there in her village, this man would cross any border, he would never be afraid and he would take whatever he ever wanted, without fear of repercussion. She knew right there that this man would go after her, and she knew that he would take her. She knew that he would do this, but she knew that she was fine and that she would welcome it. At that moment,, when he held her arm, when he moved his face close to hers, and then, suddenly looked away, when he was giving her the space she needed to feel warm and good, yet not feel threatened, at that moment she knew that very soon, she would be with him.

She had left the market where he had touched her and where they had been so close. She had covered up her blushed face, turned around and walked away. She had felt his eyes follow her and knew that if she turned around and looked his way, he would be looking at her. Even though she knew that this would be seen as an invitation on her part, she wanted to turn around. She had had the tingling feeling many times before, but this time when she had felt his warm strong body so close to hers, the blood in her veins had been like crazy river rapids during spring times, and she had felt week in her knees. She wanted to turn around and tell this man that she was his to be taken, but she was scared for what would happen and what her destiny would be, if she did just turn around and look at him… She had of course heard the stories of what other men had done with the young girls the numerous times there had been raids in the city, but this was different times. The men that had followed were different than the first men that had raided the village. The men that had followed in the later years where more peaceful men, they still wore their swords and gruesome axes, they looked the same, and she had no doubt that they could, and would do whatever it took if they were pressured to, but they came with smiles on their faces. There was something good about these men that she had a hard time explaining, and this man, the man that she was sure was staring at her back , most likely with a huge smile on his face, this man was surely a peaceful man. She walked away, but just before she turned the corner, the impulse that was going to change her entire life was too strong, and took over her actions. As she turned the corner, she felt her head turn around, her veil slid down and she saw his eyes. She slowed down, and looked straight at him. She had been right in her thoughts, he was looking at her with a big smile on his face. She saw him look over to his helper to his side, probably a trell, or a slave that he had with him. She stopped, looked at him as he took his leather cover up off and put it on the table. He gave the slave what looked like some instructions, and she felt his eyes again. He was coming towards her. The distance between them was around fifty meters, but she felt as it was only a few. Her heart raced what had she done? He was coming towards her. She quickly pulled her veil over her face again, turned around and started walking. Fast now, she was terrified that he would catch up with her and she started walking even faster, almost running. It was only one block between the small huts and houses to where she lived, but suddenly she realized that even if she made it there before he rounded the corner, there was nobody at the house. She remembered that her father and mother and her younger brother was out visiting with her uncle and they were to be there all day. She must run to the house and get in before he found rounded the corner. She didn’t dare to look back, as she ran, one hand on the rolled up piece of fur he had given her, and one on her veil, just as to protect herself from the world around her. She could hear him behind her, this time she did not turn around, she knew that he had seen her, and that there was no way that she would escape him. She kept running, faster now, the front door of their house was just a few yards away, but it was too late, he was right behind her. She looked over her shoulder, and could see the shadow of the big man as he must have slowed down, knowing that there was no way that she would be able to go anywhere, and that he at any time could just grab her or catch her. She felt almost relieved when she realized that he was there. She had been excited when she felt the closeness of him at the market, just a few minutes earlier, but now she felt scared when she knew that he was coming after her. The moment that she realized she was within his reach and she would not be able to run anywhere and hide, she felt an instant of fear, but it was overtaken by the same feeling she had felt when he was close to her. She felt the blood race through her body and she knew that it was the feeling that all the adults was trying to protect the young girls from. It was passion and lust, and she felt it stronger than she had ever felt as the big man was closing in on her. At the moment she arrived at the door, she opened it quickly, but he was right behind her. She went in and he forced himself inside just behind her.
They kissed. She had never kissed a man before, and the feeling took her by surprise. She had expected that her first kiss with a man was going to be wonderful, but she had expected that she would be forced to kiss with this man. Her body gave in immediately and she felt the river of her excited blood in her build up lust and passion for love rush to her head. What followed took her, and the man she was kissing by total surprise. They were standing by the door, a few feet away from the huge table in the middle of the room. He was standing there with a surprised expression on his face, he must surely have expected that she would give him resistance when he was following her, but as soon as they had been inside, away from the external world, she took charge of the situation. She pushed the man towards the table, still in a deep hard passionate searching kiss, but now she was following him. The roles had changed in an instant and now he was passive, and she was the aggressive hunter. Neither of the two young people had expected it, the moment had changed the roles, but both of them were equally surprised and equally excited. She was almost like in a trance, she felt that she was looking from the outside watching in on what was unfolding, as she observed herself pushing the vase with flowers that was placed in the center of the table, and it crashed to the floor. The table was black or dark brown, and was built solidly to last several generations. It was made out of three large boards placed together and the table could easily seat their entire extended family, and did so on every occasion they gathered together. She pushed him towards the end of the table, and he stood there, half naked, with only the cover around his waist. She grabbed his chest and squeezed his skin before letting go and unbuttoned her dress. She saw him ripping off the reminder of his covers and as she witnessed his hard fully erected penis, she let her blouse drop to the floor. She saw him stand there, hands down to the side, smile still on his face and piercing blue eyes on hers, and she was again surprised with her own actions, felt herself pushing him on to the big table. He slid backwards, and she climbed after him. She was surprised that she was feeling violent, and she was surprised by the feeling of total dominance of this man. They had not spoken a word to each other since they met just a few minutes earlier, but no words were needed, as her build up lust and suppressed passion for the man had finally getting released, and she felt that nothing she would do could possibly be wrong. Anything was possible and she climbed on to the table to the man.
She had always thought and expected that she would be lying on her back as men had their way with her, but it was all very different from anything that she had ever dreamed of. She was actually taking the man at her own will, as he was lying on his back and she was on top. He was not forcing himself on her, she could almost see the confidence in his cool blue eyes, and almost like he was sure she wanted him and waited patiently for her to take him. He was lying on his back, with his fully erected penis standing up in an angle, and she was sitting across his legs. She leaned over, pushed her lips on his and searched for his tongue deep in his mouth. She pushed her whole face on his and their mouths were wide open as it felt as neither of them could get enough of the other. She knew that she was wet, she felt her wetness against the cool air in the room, and knew that it was time. She looked at the face of the man, and felt betrayed by him as he was so confident. She wanted to torment him, but felt tormented herself by him by the level of his confidence. Angry by the passion she brought up in her, she looked down at him and slapped his face. It must gave surprised him, because the expression on his face went immediately to a reflex of anger as the blood rushed to his head and it turned red, than an instant later the smile returned. She slapped him across the face again, and now she could see that he liked it. She took his erected penis in her hands and straddled him slowly. She had never been with a man before, but her fingers had played with herself many times, she was familiar with that she was to do, and guided him inside of her. She felt the warm rush through her body, and felt the instant pressure against the walls of her vagina. He was bigger than she had expected, but she was open and ready and she sat down and felt him deep up inside of her. She felt the gasp of air in his voice and gave a sound herself that was the sound from a combination of satisfaction and unknown pressure of pain. The pain quickly disappeared and she started to move on top of him. She moved in perfect rhythm with him as he also had started to move with her. The feeling she felt was wonderful and she knew that this was the reason the adult had protected her and the other girls from the feelings they had felt. They knew that as soon as they had experienced these feelings, it would be no way of returning to the innocence only a virgin would feel. Always wondering, but never having felt it, she herself had been that way. Now straddled on top of this man on her parents dining room table, she knew that she loved to be with this man, and she would want this every day until the day she died. As her young hips moved around on top of him, she felt his hand on her breasts. Her breasts were perfectly shaped against his hands and she felt him squeeze her nipples that were hard as fresh raspberries in the summer. He was breathing heavy underneath her, and she felt his hand push up in to her tummy. The perfectly shaped tummy felt his hand guiding her hips up and down and he was able to lift her up and down with one hand. She felt something she had never felt before and it was an unbearable feeling. She did not know what this was but it was so good, she wanted to scream out to the world. As the pressure kept coming, she bent over, pushed down, lifted up and pushed hard down again. She felt a feeling of pleasure she had never felt before and knew instantly let go. It was a feeling she never wanted to stop, but a feeling she knew that all human beings would search for, even if not ever having felt it before. Everything made sense now, she cramped up, and felt the hard penis jerk in similar motions, up and inside of her, and she felt a warm liquid spraying inside of her. She started screaming, out in the air, she screamed and shouted out, before bending her body in a perfect shape, breast straight up in the air and head backwards. She screamed out of pleasure and felt her body cramp up. The screaming seemed to excite the man that was now shooting his penis up inside of her, and she bent over and screamed in to his left ear. She pulled her legs in to the side, pushed her vagina down on him and felt the juices of his sperm and her wetness becomes one mass inside of her. Finally, she was sitting more and more still, but with occasional spasms of pleasure, and less of a constant sound in to his ear. He held both his hands tight on the lower part of her buttocks, and he was holding her tight, as to tell her with his hands that, please don’t ever stop, and do not let go. She felt his hands against the juices that now were slowly running out of her down his penis and on to his crotch. Her head was resting in his neck, the sounds of pleasure still coming in low words, and she as speaking to him in her language. She was speaking to him, or whispering to him -in Hebrew- and she was begging him to not ever let go, please don’t ever let go of her, and please don’t ever stop loving her.

They were skipping on the pebbled beach, barefoot, holding hands and giggling in the moonlight. After the “happening,” as she described what the Northerner and she had done seven days earlier, they had been together again at night, three times. He would come to her window, where she would have been lying awake waiting for him, wide awake, waiting for his dark voice to call for her. She would be quiet to not wake her parents in the next room, and excitedly step out of the window and let go of her body. She was so confident that the man would catch her as she fell the 7 feet down and in to his arms. Every night he had come; he had held her for a moment, looked in to her eyes before kissing her softly. She was so amazed that such a big man could be so gentle, and when she felt his lips against hers she let go of everything, just as she did when she stepped out of the window and let go falling in to his to his arms. She had fallen for the man that the villagers referred to as one of the beasts from the North, and she had let go like a fledgling that has taken the first step out of the nest. The first step out of the arms of the mother bird, secure warmth of the nest and in to the strange exciting world that lays outside. She has let go of the security and the dullness of the known, and let go- in to what a child’s curiosity always is looking for. She knew that it was a dangerous world with predators looking for their prey , but the thousands of years of instinct in the human race had awaken the longing for the opposite sex, and her body and mind had known that it was time to let go. As soon as she let go, she fell for a couple of seconds. When she had looked at the stranger at the market, for a moment or two she had felt dizzy from fear and insecurity, but as soon as she let go, she knew that it was no way back to the nest. The curiosity of a child had driven her to the decision that was taken for her, taken by the millions of other young girls that had done the same thing before her and countless of girls becoming women doing after her. She let go and fell, before her wings started to instinctively move so she could glide. And she instantly knew that she had done the right thing. She had in one or two seconds taken the plunge and was sailing on the wings of love. As she started to gain momentum she smiled, she knew at that moment that it was no way back, and felt her blood race through her body up to her head. Her heart had been beating like the drums of the Africans she had seen at the market, faster and faster, and with a purpose. As she was gaining momentum, she had felt another kind of instinct take over. She was not a prey for anything or anyone, and found her mind taking charge. She was not the victim of a cunning member of the opposite sex; she was the one in charge of the situation. She wasn’t just gliding as her wings and body gained momentum, but she had used the opportunity to instantly take charge and dominate the situation. She had at first acted like a hummingbird, but had transformed in to a soaring eagle with great wings to take her wherever she would go. The chased had turned a corner and taken charge of the situation. With this came the security that is needed to give entirely in to her feelings, and as she made love to the foreigner that her heart raced so much for, she flew straight in to the forest of lust where there are strange creatures that make your body do things that takes you into a place that you could not ever imagine was there. There inside of your body, there were thousands of nerves that never had been touched and as she soared, these nerves sent signals to her brain that made her smile. Then she fell again, just as fast as she had taken charged of the situation and dominated the man with her body and her soul. She fell in to the sea, in to the sea of love. And as she flew in to the forest of lust and dropped in to the ocean of love she knew that there was no way back, and no point of return. She could never go back to the security of the nest her parents had built for her as a child, she was out, out soaring and falling and going to places where all girls go at one point. She had finally taken the step. She had become a woman.

He is holding her hand tightly in his, and they are walking towards the water. She looks up over his shoulder at his face and sees the stoic face looking straight ahead as he walks in a steady pace. She is almost running to keep up with him, but it doesn’t bother her. In the short time that she has known him she has gotten used to the way he walks and she loves it. He has a confident purpose about him that she finds very exciting and she has already given in to her feelings of overwhelming love for this man. As she thinks of the time just a few days ago when her inner longing for a man had taken control of her and thrown herself at him, and she feels the blood rush up in her face from the thought of the animal inside that had taken control of her. She had never felt so in control as when her blood charged to all of the parts of her body and she had demanded the man, her man, to follow her in her exploration of her passion. Life will never be the same after her inner animal had taken control, and she was glad, because as it all unfolded, the universe had opened up to her in a way that no one could have explained to her. She had felt so lost and out of control, but as sudden as she had gained control of the situation, she felt more in charge of her life and her surroundings than ever. I have always felt powerless, she thought, but with just becoming a woman I have more power than any man can ever have.
She is skipping to keep up now, she looks up at him again and he can almost feel the gaze and love I her eyes at his, and he smiles down at her over his shoulder.
“Look, the sun is beautiful” he points and she looks straight ahead with him. He had quickly learned more phrases of her language and could communicate with her. The light from the Mediterranean afternoon sun is beautifully laying cast in its own orange glow out in the sea and is casting sparkling light towards them in the calm waters. Instinctively they both pick up the pace and start to run. They still hold their hands tight and suddenly find themselves running fast, as without anyone saying anything they both know that they need to run to see it even clearer. They know that they want to be as close to the light as possible, and they need to get the perfect look at the sight lying in the ocean on front of them.
There is a ledge that he knows is the perfect spot for them. It is perfectly shaped from water and wind using its powers, working patient and diligently to shape it so it can be a place for the young lovers to find it and making it their own spot to enjoy. It is not a typical part of the nature in these southern parts of the world, more so a spot that remind him of the deep fjords of the North that he left behind more than a winter ago. The rocky plateau looks just like the last point of land that they had rounded in their long-ship before setting south in to the rough waters of the western part of his homeland. It sits 30 feet up from the warm waters below, out at the point, and he came upon it when he took a detour one afternoon exploring the outskirts of the little village, at the end of the trail going down to the shores of the warm waters. He knew immediately that this would be a place he would have to bring his newfound love.
They slow down and walk out on to the cliff and sit down next to each other, never to leave their focus on the sun that is sitting like a large fireball out in the center of the ocean, out there far away. The afternoon waters are very calm, with just a few ripples that reflects the almost orange glow from the sun directly in towards them, showing them a path from the chilly night of the land to the warmth embrace of the sun out there far away He feels her cool hand slide up his bare back and she touches his small patch of hair on his lower back.
“The patch” she says softly and circles her hands around his back to soak up some of the warmth from his body. She finds it strange that he never feel cold, even though he has told her about the shifting weathers in the land that he came from, where the sun shines all summer and the icy cold and dark nights of the winters has shaped him to be able to resist all the weather that comes upon him.
She looks up at him, but he does not move his head. His eyes are almost in a daze, and then she hears him say something in what sounds like a dark noise of a song with unrecognizable words. He says it with a low vice, not directed to her, but it is almost like he is saying it to someone out there in the horizon. The words are what sounds like a song to her, and she has learned to know that when he says something in his native language, it is because he is longing for what lies out here, somewhere far away, something that she cannot understand or cannot know anything about, yet that she knows he is missing. The calm noise from his mouth is soft, yet the hammering of the sound of letters put in motion can only be a meaning that only can be understood from someone like him that has is left behind.
“I kenna sol draga ek heimili” he says, and keeps staring out in to the ocean.
She knows from his gaze that he wants to run towards what lies out there, and that there is nothing that can stop him, if he decides to follow his heart. She feels so safe with him, but just as her feelings were overwhelmed when she first saw him, she now that if she wants to be with him, she will have to let him free from any pressure. She understands that if she wants him to love her the way she knows that he can, she in some way will have to show him that there are no ties to hold him back, and no ownership of him from her part. He will only love her unconditionally if she sets him free, lets him go, and let him chose to be with her.
“The sun wants me to come, and I need to go”. She can feel a tear appear in the corner of her eye, and can feel her throat tighten .She does not say anything, but he can see that she is holding back what she is feeling.
“I shall wait for a ship that will go back to the North before it gets too cold to travel, and I shall demand that you go with me. The gods are calling my name, and my people are looking for me. I will travel and I will take you with me to my land”
She does not feel that she has to hold back any longer and her feelings and emotions all come out in a big sigh. She throws her arm around his, push her lips against his mouth and pulls him towards her. They look at each other and say nothing before they both, with their heads towards each other, look out to the sea again. They sit there without moving, and without any words and now that there are unknown adventures lying ahead of them, they both now that they are influencing each other in so many ways and that if they are to move forward they will do so together from there on. She knows that he will never claim her as his, because she needs the freedom to follow him where he goes, without any clause or without any claim of ownership. It is the only way for them to have what they both want; unconditional love.
The sun is moving down faster as it is disappearing down on the horizon. It is getting colder and she can feel his arm holding her tighter. They will sit there until the sun a few minutes later has disappeared and the preparation for the rest of their lives will begin-together.

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