“The Five Funny Dancers”

“The Five Funny Dancers”


Hasse Johnsen

 Once upon a time there were five very good dancers that also happened to be five very funny dancers.  The five very good and very funny dancers where from five different countries, and not only where they from five different countries, they also danced five very different dances.  What the five dancers had in common was that they where all very good dancers AND very funny dancers, dancing very funny dances.

The First dancer, a Flamenco dancer from Spain was, together with the Fifth dancer who was a polka dancer from Poland, the shortest of all the five dancers. The First dancer from Spain was skinnier then the others, but he was as good of a dancer as the others. He was also a very funny dancer, especially when he danced the Flamenco.

The Second dancer was also the second tallest of the five dancers, a little bit taller than the First and Fifth Dancer but not as tall as the Third dancer. The Second dancer was from Austria, where he had a ring of admirers of his smooth gentle dance called the Waltz. The Second dancer performed the Waltz at every opportunity he would get. He was a very good dancer, and also, a very funny dancer, especially when he danced the Waltz.

The Third dancer, a young, very tall man from Argentina,  stood high above everyone else. He was also a very good dancer, and always when he danced, he danced the Tango. The third dancer from Argentina was known for not only being the very best dancer in his country, but he was also known for being a very funny dancer, especially when he danced the Tango.

The Fourth Dancer was a “pointy” handsome looking man, from Brazil. He loved to dance at every chance he could get, and usually when he could perform his Brazilian Samba, he would continue to dance late in to the night. He was a very enthusiastic dancer, and he was famous for being a very good dancer, AND a very funny dancer, especially when he danced the Samba.

Then there was the Fifth dancer. He was a short fellow,-as short as the First dancer from Spain, however not at all as skinny. He was a lonely fellow, he was always hanging off the side from the other dancers, and he was from Poland where he had grown up dancing the Polka.  He was a very good dancer-and he was very funny, especially when he danced the Polka.

The Five funny dancers from Spain, Austria, Argentina, Brazil and Poland all shared a passion; the passion of going dancing.

Usually when the Five Dancers went dancing they would challenge each other to which country not only had the best dance or the best dancer, but most important; which country had the “funniest” dance or the funniest dancer.

One particular night, when they where going dancing they decided that they would have their dance contest again, to see once and for all which dancer was the best dancer, or more importantly which dancer was the funniest dancer. They all agreed that the best way to find out which had the funniest dance, or which one was the funniest dancer, was to find a child with a tummy, and then dance one after the other ON the child’s tummy!!. This way they could see who could get the child to laugh the most, and then prove what dance was the funniest dance or which dancer was the funniest dancer of them all.

Finally all the arrangements where complete, they had quickly found a child that had offered a tummy as a dance floor, they where dressed up in their traditional dance outfits from their countries, and off they went to see, who of the five dancers was the best AND most importantly, who was the funniest dancer of them all.

The First dancer from Spain jumped quickly on to the child’s tummy and started dancing his Flamenco dance. He stepped his feet in a fast and furious way, and produced immediate giggles from the child. This was definitely a funny dance, but there seamed to be something missing……..

It was now the Second dancer from Austria’s turn and he slowly stepped on to the tummy. He moved gracefully around the tummy and the child continued to giggle, and now the child was not only giggling, but also laughing out loud. The Second dancer, dancing the slower Waltz had definitely produced as much laughter as the much faster First Dancer had produced with his Flamenco, but there still seamed to be something missing…….

Now it was the Third dancer from Argentina’s turn and he moved confidently on to the tummy. Even as tall as he was, the Third dancer moved with more grace then the others and quickly started his moves with the traditional Tango. Again, much laughter, and at least as much as before, maybe even more, but it was hard to tell, because it was so funny. The Third dancer walked off the tummy, with hulks of laughter from the child, but there seamed to be something missing………

Then the Fourth dancer quickly jumped on to the tummy;

Being from Brazil the Fourth dancer had all the confidence in the world that he was not only the best dancer but also the funniest dancer of them all. He was already on the child’s tummy and immediately started to dance his Samba dance that he was so good at. More laughter from the child, and the child was close to giving up because it was almost too funny to bear with these very funny dancers dancing on the tummy. But still, there seamed to be something missing……….

“Well, let’s see what kind of laughter the little stocky funny man from Poland can produce” said the first four dancers that now was taking a break. Without further notice, the Fifth dancer, the funny man from Poland ran on to the tummy and started a fast moving and very funny Polka dance. He was at least as good as the four other dancers and the Polka dance he performed was definitely as funny as anything that had been shown this far, but there still seamed to be something missing………..

Then the child and the owner of the tummy dance floor that had been used as a dance stage had an idea; Why don’t they all dance at the same time and see which dancer is the best, or more importantly which one is the funniest dancer?

The Five dancers did not need another invitation and all five of them jumped on to the child’s tummy and danced as wild and furious as they ever had done. Who was voted the best dancer that night? Who was voted the funniest dancer? Was it the First dancer from Spain with his Flamenco? Was it the Second dancer from Austria with his Waltz? Was it the Third dancer with the Tango? Was it the Fourth dancer with his Samba, or was it the Fifth dancer with his Polka?

Even if the child with the tummy was almost exhausted from all the funny dancing and all the funny dancers, it was almost as if something was missing from the contest. Laughing hysterically the child could not yet determine which dance was the best or which dance was the funniest. They where all funny, and they all danced funny dances, but they all seamed to be missing something……….

Then the child, the First, Second, Third, Fourth AND Fifth dancers all looked over to the wall next to the dance floor and there five beautiful ladies were  standing by the wall and at the very same time, all five dancers said in unison: We need  dance partners!!!!

The five girls by the wall where all dressed up in their own traditional and beautiful dresses, from the five different countries of Spain, Austria, Argentina, Brazil and Poland, and they all looked like they wanted to dance!!!

The Five Dancers quickly ran over to the five ladies, bowed and asked excitedly if they cared to dance? The five beautiful girls with the beautiful dresses all said YES and all the Five Male dancers AND the Five Female dancers went over to the child’s dance floor tummy to get ready to dance with each other, just to see if it could be even better to dance with a partner and most importantly, if it was even funnier when they all danced together.

They all partnered up with each other and quickly started the five dances, all on the dance floor, all of them at the same time. Now The Flamenco, The Waltz, The Tango, The Samba and The Polka, all made sense. This was the way the dances was supposed to be danced AND not only was it very good; it was the funniest dancers the child ever had had dancing on its tummy.

The child finally fell asleep, tired after all the dance excitement. But the child had a smile on its face as it was dreaming of  the five dancers from all corners of the world, that was such good dancers such funny dancers and now after have finally found their dance partners, also such complete dancers…..

What are the five funny dancers doing now? Well, last time we heard, they where traveling around the world, looking for a child with a dance floor to see where they can hold their dance contest and find out which one of them, not only is the best dancer, BUT more importantly, which dancer is the Funniest dancer of them all………


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