When the Vikings arrived at Crail Balcomie

16 boys dressed up to play the final round during the 10th anniversary of the EuroUsCup. We had fought adversity before, but the forecast was less than pretty. We would receive a gift from the weather gods and they were not giving  good news; wind and rain throughout the entire day was in progress,. We had our Titleist wet gloves, Rain gear from Stadium or Dicks,  plus Footjoy golf shoes with 2 year wet guaranty to protect us from this fury of wet. This was the time to show the world that we were men from all the corners of the world. The Americans had the lead, but the Euro’s where charging. Hats where flying and balls where lost. Slices became hooks in an instant and scores where determined by stamina and skills. This was what we had all prepared for, but what are we doing ?was the thoughts that was flying. An easy short putt blew away for a four putt to lose a hole. I looked over at my fellow contestants as they were leaving the course before the 13th. My opponent asked; are we really to play? Yes I said; let’s try another, as I looked over at a man with beard so wet, snot so running and a glance so towards the warmth of the 19th hole. After a hook and a slice with two lost balls on the 13th, we looked quickly at each other, and a nod determined what we both had already decided: we have had enough. So to the clubhouse we went, shoulders low now and not sure what to say. We determined at the bar, that no one could play golf in such a mess of a day. We felt good about ourselves, until we heard and saw two hours later what we could not believe:

Three MEN came in from the storm we had escaped; A threesome from the land of the Midnight sun walked  in from just another day at the links. They had fought the wind, they had battled the rain, and we boys looked in awe at these creatures of admiration. These where the men we had read of in books—-

 The Vikings had arrived-at Crail Balcomie

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