“The Interview”: Hasse vs.The Guru

Hasse caught “The Guru”  in between sessions and managed to get a really exclusive interview with this very knowledgeable son of a gun. The Co-Founder of the EuroUsCup is of course the only player to have played in 13 consecutive cup’s representing Europa, USA and the Rest of the World

Hasse-             What is the EuroUsCup and why?

The Guru-       A bunch of guys (never the same crowd two years in a row) that takes the opportunity to have great fun in all corners of the world, and also play some of worst golf on some of the best golf courses on the planet. Camaraderie first, level of golf second.

Hasse–             13 Consecutive Cups, Tell us your favorite story or a favorite memory from all these cups:

The Guru-       There are so many good memories, but the funniest round of golf was definitely at Pena Longua (or something in that direction) in 2003. We played a fantastic golf course; I believe it was Bertil,  Bjørn, and I. A very hilly course and Bertil had decided that he was going to walk it. You worked yourself up a mountain with 3 holes on the top of the mountain overlooking a valley on each side. Then it was down on the other side all the way to the 18th hole. Bertil hit a ball in to the woods on the right side and the rest of us were too lazy to help him look for his ball. Instead we sat on the ground sipping a beer on the other side and commented and made jokes about him as he took about forever minutes looking for the ball pulling his pull cart with him in the woods. Finally he gave up, came walking out of the woods and dropped a ball in the line of entry. Then he took aim (at least it looked like it) and hit the ball directly in to the woods where he had just spent the last eternity looking. He took the pull cart and walked back in looking for yet another ball. We were rolling on the ground laughing at him.  Later in the same round Bjørn had a 2 foot putt for birdie on a very slick surface, where he took 4 putts (each putt ending further and further away from the hole) for a double bogey. Again we were rolling on the ground laughing our asses off. It was just one of those days on a great golf course, with great weather, great friends having great fun-typically the EuroUsCup. Another found memory is from the Outer Banks in 04, where I had printed up the total program, with directions to the courses, Tee times, playing partners etc., and we all showed up at the Currituck club at 8:00am thinking we had a 9:00am tee time, as the Starter was stressing us to get our asses out on the course immediately. Not only did we all have a copy of the program, but I had set the tee time, printed the programs and I got the time all wrong as well. Who am I playing? What’s the Tee Time, What’s the format????

Hasse–             Which cup was your favorite? Why?

The Guru–       To me the last cup and the next cup are always the favorites. I love the anticipation and planning of the events. Then when the cup is going on, there are so many laughs and so much fun, it all is over way too quickly.

Hasse–             What is the Magazine and Why?

The Guru–       The Magazine is a forum where I, The self-proclaimed Guru can say whatever I want; about whomever I want and poke fun of us all. I have a computer, a printer and your addresses so it will keep coming, rest assured. If you take yourself to seriously and couldn’t handle it, you wouldn’t be invited back, (See EuroUsCup The Magazine #3, article about “One Hit Wonders”)

Hasse–             What is your worst round in competition?

The Guru–       There are so many to pick from, but the First Year, The Currituck Club, It was a foggy beautiful morning, great course, everything was set for a perfect day, except that I was  Hung over, couldn’t hit a ball,,,, Really,,,,,,, I couldn’t hit a ball 10 feet if I wanted to, The only

way out was to drink a couple of beers, but……. No beers served in North Carolina until Noon on Sunday’s. That alone should be a reason to run for office. I tried to bribe the Beverage cart girl, but no way, it was not meant to be, I think I lost the match 10 &9.

Hasse:             Best Round during competition (EuroUsCup)

The Guru-       I never remember the good rounds. The bad rounds stick to my memory. Most likely the power of my Negative Thinking, or maybe I really never have played good, who knows. That’s golf, you can have the round of your lifetime and your partner still beats you by one hole. Next round you play shitty and your opponent is even worse, so the moral is that, it’s really not how you play as long as you have fun and beat your opponent.

Hasse              Open forum-Tell us anything you want in regards to the EuroUsCup;

The Guru-       I Love you guys!

Hasse:             Anywhere you want to go in particular in the Future?

The Guru –      I want to go back to Copenhagen and Denmark, then again it really doesn’t matter where we go, and we manage to have a great time anywhere. Really fun when we can be ourselves (or whoever we are) when we are on these trips, without restrictions, Kind of like at every year Americans love coming to Europe and Euro’s love coming to the USA!

Hasse–             Any Advice to any of this year’s rookies?

The Guru-       When in doubt, ask the Guru, He is a very wise man, and his knowledge is unquestioned. If you are really in doubt, ask Petter, he will have the correct answer for you. Then if still in doubt, ask: Who am I Playing? What is the format and  when is my tee time?

Hasse–             Finally: Latvians or Lithuanians?

The Guru-       I went to see Germany-Latvia in Hockey at the 2002 Olympics. The Latvians where great fun and they also had Arturs Irbe (Canes) in goal, but I do remember a Lithuanian strip artist in Copenhagen, so….. I must go with a tie. Hockey-Latvia, Naked women- Lithuanians.

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