The Miracle at Terramar-Doc’s view

I knew this match was going to be the key that would open the door for an American comeback at EuroUsCup Barcelona. The Team of Torbjorn/Tobben was formidable. And they played very well that day. My partner was highly unpredictable, but I felt with his occasional 300yd drives and usually good putting, we could surprise our highly favored opponents in this Alternate Shot Matchup.

After tying the match on 16, (a match we had never led) my tee shot on the 175 yds. 17th was doomed for the Schmutz on the right. Tobben hit a nice shot catching the fringe of the green, 25’ from the pin.

As we searched for my ball, I’m sure the Euro Team was confident that with par, they will go to 18 1up. We found my ball in a nasty lie; 30 yds. From the green, down an embankment, and nestled in 4 inches of heavy Schmutz. I figured we may as well concede the hole and go on to 18. Even the spectators (all 4 of them) shook their heads knowing the situation was bleak for the Americans. Then, I remember the Guru saying, “Doc I got this”. I’m thinking, “This man is insane”! There is no way he will even advance the ball one foot forward.

As he struggled to take his stance over the ball, I thought, “No Way”. I would not even think of attempting this shot. But as we all know the Guru has been in this situation many times, with his Shankapopolis swing he has taken up residence in the Schmutz. He embraces the Schmutz like no one else. And his unpredictable nature was a perfect match for this moment in time.

With his legs contorted over the ball, he swung ferociously. The impact was explosive and sent the ball at least 40’ high as it approached the green. The golfers were in awe as the ball landed on the green 2’ from the pin, releasing to within one foot of the Cup. A tap in birdie and the Americans are 1UP going to 18. Truly Miraculous!

I had not seen anything like this, since Tiger’s chip in on 16 at the 2008 Masters.

On to #18.

The Guru and I were salivating over the Guru’s Miracle Shot. We were sure to win this match with a tie hole on 18. The Guru steps up to the tee with vigor, adrenaline shooting thru his veins. He launches his tee shot straight down the fairway, high into the Blue Mediterranean sky. All knew this Drive would peak out at over 300 Yds. As the players waited for the ball to land,….

There was no landing.

As we all know, the game of golf can be so cruel at times. Poor Adam Scott, Poor Tom Watson. And now the Guru! Because this hole was a Dogleg right, Guru’s crushing drive flew straight. Straight over the Schmutz, over the trees, over the Utility Barn, never to be seen again.

Not even a Miracle could save the Americans in Barcelona.

But, there is always tomorrow in Golf. And tomorrow will be in Scottsdale. And as “Bubba Golf” lives on the PGA Tour, the unpredictable” GURU GOLF” will preside again at the EuroUSCup2012

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