The Miracle at Terramar

It was a wonderful day for golf were  the EuroUsCup had its traditional Foursomes competition Wednesday morning at Terramar Sitges outside Barcelona Spain. The Guru and Doc where faced with impossible odds against the two European Stallions Thorbjørn and Tobben, most likely the two most talented golfers on the EuroUSCup tour.

Both the stallions had something to prove as their records and statistics didn’t really prove how good they actually could be. All golfers had a long night behind them and were obviously tired from the previous night’s extravaganza in downtown Barcelona. The combination of The Guru and The Doctor proved to be a good one though, as The Gurus erratic play, was a good combination with Docs slow but steady pace.

The scenario was that The Guru hit it long and out of play, The Doc placed them nicely in the fairway and The Guru chipped to 10 feet. This happened on almost every hole, at least when  The Guru had the drive. The Viking Stallions of TnT played great, but The Americans kept chipping close and saving the competition from being too one sided. Coming in to Hole # 17 the two teams was all square and here is where History was made.

The locals refer to this moment in history as “The Miracle at Terramar” and here is how it went down: The Doc, a wee bit shaky by all the back and forth erratic play of The Guru, was obviously nervous. The green was straight away, a mere 180 yards/162 meters out, but with a deep ravine down towards the ocean on the right side. The team of TnT was long off the tee and the ball trickled off the green on the back side. Now it must bee added that it was a wee bit windy, and The Doc noticed that T&T was long so he held off a bit on his tee shot.

Holding it off a bit and the fact that the wind was coming left to right pushed the ball deep in to the ravine on the right side. After climbing down to the vertical Schmutz and finally locating the ball, the American team found The Titeleist Pro V1 laying 25 feet down on the side of the ravine, fluffed up 4  inches  in some tall thin monkey grass. Definitely Schmutz!.

The Guru had no confidence and asked if they should call it unplayable lie and drop down, but The Doc had confidence in The Guru (??). The Guru couldn’t see the green, (or the Pin for that matter), so The Doc went up and gave instructions. I might add that the team of TnT was already celebrating; thinking they had the Americans team dormy- .

Here is when it happened and history was made. The Guru, not a very religious man claim to remember a light shooting across the horizon, but this is still up for debate as he was still groggy from the previous night and this could have been a flash back. However, two seconds of concentrating and swoosh, the ball flopped straight up in a beautiful line, dropping soft and smoothly on to the green two feet from the hole. “It’s a Miracle” cheered the locals, and the legend of The Guru and The Doctor was (re)-born.

After TnT chipping and two-putting for par,  all Doc had to do was to tap it in the hole. The Miracle at Terramar was complete. Still to this day the entire region of Catalunya is whispering about The Miracle of Terramar, where a Doctor and a Guru beat all the odds, facing two Viking Stallions and eminent elimination to create golf history. Was it divine intervention? Or mere luck? Well, The Miracle of Terramar was complete and the American new found super-team of The Guru and The Doctor could confidently walk up to the 18th hole with a 1-up lead…

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