Game recap-TUSA-BSC

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We come off a very exciting game at Wake Med last Saturday, were we met a pretty good BSC team that came to the game with some good solid results under their belt. Our pre-game talk consisted of the same message as earlier were we now need that in order to be competitive we need to give 100% during the entire game, plus be better at winning the 50-50 balls. I talked about having fun on the pitch, and make an attempt to unleash some of the offensive soccer we all know we can play.
I had planned to play…  

Saturdays are busy

Written by Hasse. Posted in Main

So I wake up at 5am, thinking of what kind of line up we will have for the game against BSC at 10…Ponder a bit, get up and wake Erik and Alek up so they can get breakfast. Then off to pick up Cesar as his dad is working today. Back to the house to get the boys, then off to the Icehouse where Alek has a hockey game at 9:15. The Icehouse is right next to where Juan lives, so we go by and pick him up for the game that TUSA U-13 boys has at 10:00. Warm up and start what proves to be an electrifying , very exciting game that we tie 4-4. Erik is plays keeper in 1st half, and forward in 2nd. He scores 2 great goals, by the way. Alek ends up losing his game 5-2, but he is in the 1st line . After bringing Juan back home, I take the boys to the house. Then I go back to Wake Med to watch the TUSA Gold U-13 boys play the U-15 Girls National team. Girls stomp the boys 5-0, but its fun to watch them play, and I get to hang with Steven, Tracy and Bob tio chat…Great future for the US women team by the way.

Now its watching Arsenal-QPR, before going to a Halloween party for the neighborhood…..


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